Lists of Bridal Photos to Try

How do you see your wedding portrait to look like? Do you want to have happy and memorable photos for the wedding celebration? The portraits will serve as a memorabilia in the years to come so before you close the deal with your photographer, check first the collection of amazing photos of top American wedding photographers. You can get an idea from these collections and it could be a part of your wedding portfolios soon.

weddingI Love You Shots. This is just a common word yet it means a lot to a person who is in love. This is also a good idea for prenuptial photos and post wedding shots. Take a shoot of the couple at the beach writing I love you in the sand in their wedding gown and tux. Another idea is to take a picture with the I love you sign on the wall with the entourage pointing the bride and group. Or the bride can stand on the wall with I love you sign holding her wedding bouquet. In addition, a couple forming a heart with their hands together is an awesome idea for a prenuptial photo.

Rugged Photos. Be different and be in the public as you take photos in the street of the bride and groom. Be playful as the bride and groom take a pose at the amusement park wearing sneakers in their wedding clothes. Take a picture at the barn in a cowboy attire as the couple shots for their prenup.  There are more crazy and rocky shots as you browse our portfolios.

Our List Of Top Wedding Photographers in the US

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Shot with the Entourage.  The big day will become livelier and active if you include your entourage in your fun photos. For instance, invite them to take a jump shot together with the newlyweds as a warmup for the reception. Also, get a full ladies shot with the bridesmaids and the bride as they try to toss their bouquets upward and be more playful as the bride and groom takes a picture with the lovely and charming flower girls, bible and ring bearers on the ground.

Go Senti. If you wanted to have love story that you can see in the movies, make it happen as you take a picture at the lake with your reflection together. Or you can take a pose at the beach holding hands together on your wedding attires. And of course, you don’t want to miss the sunrise or the sunset with your silhouettes. This is a perfect image that romantic couples love.  With the blend of colors and light, that is one great wedding portrait that you got there.

Taking a wedding photo is not an easy task. The job of photographers is also risky because they need to get the right angle and pose. You can see talents and skills in the collection of amazing photos of top wedding photographers, browse now for more exciting pictures.